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Move-in Ready Homes in Port St Lucie Florida

Move-in ready homes in Port St Lucie, Florida, are available from the upper 300s to over 1 million.

New construction home builders will use the term “move-in ready” or “quick move” to refer to homes that are at completion or within 60-90 days of being finished. The homebuyer has no design choice left in the new construction process and buys the home to customize it later.

Real estate agents and for-sale-by-owners will use the term “move-in ready” to indicate you can move into a resale home without much repair or remodeling necessary. For example, a home that was renovated from the 1980s time capsule to today’s modern taste, including a new roof, might be marketed as “move-in ready.”

What Do Move-In Ready Homes Mean?

“Move-in ready” homes means different things to different people, but in general, it refers to a home you can move into without the need to make any significant cosmetic updates, or make any repairs to systems such as roofing, plumbing, or electrical.

This term can apply to home resales or new home construction when you search for a home to buy.


As real estate investors, we have modernized resale homes with new flooring, roofs, and fresh paint. Other homes we modernized got new air conditioners, doors, and windows. We once renovated a home with knob-tube wiring and upgraded it all to current electrical codes. We described these renovated homes as move-in ready homes because the incoming buyer would not need to spend thousands of dollars on upgrades. These are not fixer-uppers or handyman specials.

If you are looking for a move-in ready resale home that has been renovated, remodeled, or flipped, there is no “list” of such homes to choose from. As you browse pictures at the online portal and work with your local real estate agent, you’ll find homes that meet such move-in criteria, even if it is not described as move-in ready.

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Move-in Ready Homes New Construction Bathroom

New Construction

New home builders will also use the term “move-in” or “quick-move” homes to describe homes they have built and are near completion. These are sometimes called “spec homes.” These quick-move-in homes are ready for occupancy in less than 90 days typically if they are not already finished.

A quick move-in home provides you with a faster timeline to move in because the building process has already begun, or may even be complete. 

If you are looking for a move-in ready new construction home, there is no one complete list of such homes to choose from in the Treasure Coast. We have connections with many local builders and get their lists monthly of move-in ready homes. Some of these homes are found on builders’ or the builder community websites.

We are your best source of move-in ready new construction homes as we have current lists and timelines of what builders have available that best meet your options.

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Before Choosing New Construction Move-in Ready Homes

When you meet with us to discuss buying a new construction move-in-ready home, we’ll ask you a couple of questions to help you find the right option:

  1. Price Point
  2. Homeowners Association
  3. Timing

Your answer to these questions will narrow down the list of move-in homes to choose from.

For example, here in 2023, your home-buying budget is up to $450,000. That can get you a home inside a Home Owners Association, or on a scattered vacant lot in the city of Port St Lucie.

Or, as a different example, your home-buying budget is $650,000. That can get you more into a Home Owners Association that one or two builders are building out. We have oceanfront available move-in ready at over $3 million.

Timing will be within a matter of weeks or a few months. Move-in ready is a relative term in that way. We’ve seen homes marketed as “move-in ready” with delivery 30-60 days away from completion but will be ready by the time you have your financing in place.

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Move in ready homes new construction kitchen, delivered to our customer in January 2024
Move-in ready new construction kitchen

Where do I Find Move-In Ready New Construction Homes in Port St Lucie?

This is not an easy question to answer.

The major home portals do not always have the most current list, even if they include a few move-in ready home models. While some homes in your searches may be marked “move-in ready,” you may not have the complete list of homes available.

Some local builders may not put their inventory in the Multiple Listing Services that feed the major portals.

As local real estate agents in Port St Lucie, we are on the announcement lists of most of the local builders. This is information that may not be easily available online.

Builders in the different Home Owner Associations keep us updated on their inventory as well. Some of their move-in inventory is on their website if you know what community you want to live in.

What to Expect When Buying a Move-In Ready New Construction Home

Buying a move-in ready home has several advantages. All of your systems are brand new – roof, water heater, and HVAC system. Electric is to current code. All your windows and doors open correctly.

Builders offer different warranty levels on these systems. Many will give you up to a year on workmanship fixes, plus an extended warranty on structure and roof. The final warranty terms will be based on the builder you choose.

Our sales experience with move-in ready new construction homes is base models, generally in a white palette for the walls. You might want to paint to your choosing before you move in. You might have to buy some appliances, window treatments, and landscaping. Fences, lanais, and pools are generally added on later as well.

And, one of the biggest benefits of a quick move-in home is that everything is brand-new, which will save you money, minimize stress, and provide you with increased safety and security.  Here’s more on the benefits of owning a new construction home in Florida:

  • Your home is built to the latest building codes with technologically advanced materials for your health and safety.
  • Everything is brand new!
  • New homes are designed with must-have features for today’s homebuyers, from an open layout and flexible-use rooms to high-performance flooring and appliances.
  • New construction homes are more energy-efficient than older homes, which means you will save money on utilities.

Work With Us To Find Move-In Ready Homes

Are you ready to find your dream home and take advantage of all of the benefits of buying a quick move-in home in Port St Lucie area Florida with us? 

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Move-in Ready Homes New Construction Kitchen, before builder cleans it for delivery
Move-in Ready Homes New Construction Kitchen, before builder cleans it for delivery