Rent a Home in Port ST Lucie

We will help you find a rental home in Port St Lucie and surrounding areas.

You can find a rental home in the Port St Lucie area with our assistance. We’ve helped many renters find the place they can call home until they are ready to buy a home in the Treasure Coast area.

You will get better service utilizing one agent than chasing every agent that has a listing. We can reach agents, find the paperwork, negotiate the process, and be your representative. You won’t have to explain yourself over and over to different people. As you work with us, we can learn your wants and needs better and narrow down the noise.

Why use us to help you find a rental home in Port St. Lucie?

Four benefits of using us as your Realtor to find a house to rent in Port St Lucie:

  1. Access: we can show you a wider range of rental properties that match your criteria and budget.
  2. Expertise: We have an in-depth understanding of the local rental market and can provide valuable insights.
  3. Time-saving: We do the legwork of searching for rental properties, arranging viewings, and handling paperwork.
  4. Secure Process: You’ll deal with verified owners and paperwork will be handled with extreme care.

We will guide you by …

  • Taking time to understand your wants, needs, and expectations; answering your questions; returning your phone calls, texts, and emails the same day; and being honest with you at all times.
  • Helping you obtain the best possible rental house in the shortest amount of time.
  • Sharing the landlord’s process to rent. Every landlord has different ways to get the same outcome.
  • Scheduling and coordinating showings with listing agents.
  • Explaining, coordinating, and supervising the preparation of all paperwork.
  • During the entire rental process, from start to finish, we will always aim for YOUR best interests.

The Process to Rent a Home in Port St Lucie

When you work with us to find a rental home, you’ll know you will be dealing with verified landlords.  You’ll use documents approved for use by real estate agents or prepared by an attorney.  Occasionally, you’ll encounter a document prepared by the landlord.

  1. Have your rental deposit, proof of income, and photo IDs ready.

    Normal rental deposits are 3 times the monthly rent. Normal income requirements are 3x the monthly rent. Anything less is an exception. You’ll need documents like paystubs, bank statements, or income taxes to demonstrate sufficient income.

  2. Find the Home.

    We work with you to find you the property and arrange for a showing.  

  3. Complete the Applications.

    When you find the home, we’ll discuss the home’s application process. Different landlords use different processes and paperwork. We’ll explain find and explain their process when you choose the property. Be prepared to pay application fees. If an HOA is involved, be ready to write a check an application fee, and a potential security deposit as well. Once accepted by the landlord, we’ll continue to help you with paperwork regarding the lease and any HOA application processes. If an HOA is involved, you will not be able to move in until the HOA approves your application.

  4. Move-in.

    Arrange for any utility setup and arrange for renter’s insurance prior to move-in. At move-in, you’ll be asked to complete a property condition form. Take pictures and videos of every detail of the property and then back up those photos and videos to secure storage to protect yourself from future disputes over property conditions for your security deposit.

Typical Requirements To Rent a Home

Have this ready for every applicant over 18 years old who will reside in the home:

  1. Proof of income. That is usually paystubs, bank statements, or income taxes if self-employed. The landlord may or may not consider bonus payments or overtime.
  2. A photo of your id (Driver’s License or Passport)
  3. Your deposit of 3x the rent (first, last, and security deposit), plus any other fees required to move in.
  4. Money for various fees that are unique to each rental property.

Some places may have additional requests. Some might be more flexible. These will be mentioned when we talk about seeing a property. Here are common ones:

  • A reference letter from current and previous landlords
  • If you have a job change, a letter from your employer stating your annual salary and start date will be useful.
  • A minimum credit score.

Have your images ready as PDFs to upload or send to us.

Use a phone app like Dropbox, OneDrive, or some other scanning app to create good high-quality images and turn them into a PDF.

We can show you any property that we send you via email notifications or any property listed for rent by another agent in our Multiple Listing Service.

Several landlords are do-it-yourselfers. You will work directly with them.

Avoid potential scams with online ads. If the price seems too good to be true, or the landlord is “not in the area,” or they ask for a massive deposit before seeing the property, you might have a fraudulent listing. We’ve seen it many times. Trust your spidey-sense and ask us to verify ownership.

Property management companies will have their own processes. Some will cooperate with Realtors like us, some will not. They post inventory only on their websites or with a Realtor. You are free to ask us to verify ownership if you find one of these properties outside of us or their website.

There is no fee to you when you work with us as your Realtors. The landlord will pay us for bringing you to their property.

We will not charge you a processing fee to handle your paperwork. Other firms may charge you a tenant placement fee, processing fee, or broker fee. Not us.

We want to earn your business and then your recommendation to your sphere.