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Time Saving Tip When Buying New Construction

Let us tell you an insider secret to buying new construction, that will save you a lot of time and frustration. This time-saving tip will solve one of the biggest frustrations that we encounter.

For example, one of our contacts who lives here in Port St Lucie has spent at least 7 months visiting new construction communities and spending hours in well-decorated model homes.

“We have now confused ourselves and can not figure out what to do now.”

Seven months.

We have talked with several homeowners (after they bought new construction) who wish they had known this time-saving tip before they started the new construction process. 

Their advice: Don’t be like them.

Here is the secret: talk with your real estate agent before you start the new construction journey.  If you do not have one call us.

Narrow Down Your Options

Here’s why you’ll want to use a real estate agent for new construction: You have too many options in new construction:

  • The lot – do you have to buy it first and get it cleared?
  • The builder – do I need an architect? How many design choices will I have?
  • The financing – do I need a construction to permanent loan?
  • The process – do I need to sell my house first?
  • The community – do I want an HOA with one builder, or do I want a scattered lot somewhere?
  • The budget – what kind of builder and community can I afford?

A consultation with a real estate agent like us will help you narrow down your options to the right builders for you.

The lot, financing, the model, the design package, your budget — so many combinations.

Consulting with your real estate agent first will narrow down the list to a manageable size.

Case Study

In 2023, two customers wanted to relocate from South Florida to Port St Lucie. They wanted a new construction home.

Neither customer knew what options were available, nor had a sense of the overwhelming maze of choices they were stepping into. Both lived over 2 hours away, which meant they faced spending weekends randomly driving around Port St Lucie and various communities looking for builders and land.

Here is where we were invited to walk with them through the transaction.

After booking an appointment with us, we listened to each customer describe their ideal outcome. We asked questions to help clarify that outcome, and then talked about different options to get there.

With each customer, we narrowed down the maze of choices to a few builders. This made getting started manageable.

Customer number 1 found the right house for the right price on the right lot and moved within 4 months.

Customer number 2 needed more time to make site visits to different models on the short list we created. This helped them visualize the layout and get a sense of the space. Eventually, they chose a builder, a vacant lot, a color and design package, and got the build started. As the build progresses, we are making site visits for photos and videos to keep them informed.

Time Saving Tip when Buying New Construction

Save yourself time

You won’t need to waste a lot of time aimlessly visiting every single builder around town. 

Start with us and we will help match you with the right builder to begin the process.