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How Real Estate Agents Solve Two Homebuying Problems

We solved two of the biggest problems that home buyers have when trying to buy a home without real estate agents.

Let us tell you a story that shows you two reasons to use a real estate agent when buying a home. Scroll to the end if you want to skip the journey.

Setting: An Open House

We set up an open house in a gated community here in Port Saint Lucie.

The house was a gorgeous 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house, that had a back patio facing a wilderness wetland preserve. The natural beauty of the backyard view suggested a quiet retreat from the noise of life.

House where we did an open house.  Real Estate Agents host open houses for sellers.

The gourmet kitchen featured granite countertops, dual electric ovens, a glass stovetop, a center island, and oversized cabinets with ample storage.

The guest suite has a private full bath (for an in-law suite), while the third and fourth bedrooms share a full bathroom. The home had a split floor plan

The master suite had a huge master bath featuring a large Roman tub, oversized shower, and dual vanity sinks.

This beautiful home overlooks a serene lagoon which backs up to a natural preserve providing guaranteed privacy.

Chris, a Port St Lucie Real Estate Agent, drinks his coffee overlooking the wilderness preserve behind a Port St Lucie Home.
Chris Enjoys His Coffee on the Home’s Rear Porch

A Guest Attended the Open House

The unguarded entrance had a call box where friends could call their owner, or a vendor could punch in a keycode.  We taped our phone number to the call box for open house visitors to call us to get to the open house.

My phone rang, and I buzzed a family in.  

When we met, he began to tell me his story.

The Experience of Frustration

He had been house hunting for many months all by himself.  Though he had friends who were real estate agents, he wasn’t working with any of them. He was hunting for a home on his own.

For months, he was watching the major portals, favoriting properties, and receiving notifications and alerts to his emails.

He shared potential candidates with his wife. If a house looked good in pictures and his wife was interested, he’d drive out to see the property. He kept finding that he could not get access to the homes in gated communities. 

He’d click on contact agent, and not get a reply.

He felt like the months were wasting away.

Still choosing not to work with a real estate agent for his search, he tried monitoring favorited properties for open houses. He thought open houses every weekend might be the way in. However not all of the monitored properties hosted open houses. 

How We Changed the Process to Solved the Problem

On this particular day, months into their frustrating home search, our open house crossed his feed and he came.

We listened to the story. We listened to what he was trying to do for his family. We listened as talked out loud about how this house we were in might not meet his family’s needs.

We did not give a sales pitch but offered a solution.

We offered to arrange showings for Sunday for houses that were on his list. The very next day, we got them access to four houses in three different gated communities in one afternoon. 

By the end of the third house, we were still not quite in the right house. Though we solved the buyer’s problem of access, we still had not yet found the right one.

But the more time we spent with this family that afternoon, and listened to the feedback they shared on the three homes they saw, Brenda knew of a house that might work.

While we stood in the kitchen of the third home, Brenda arranged to show the fourth home in less than 10 minutes.

The fourth home was the winner they took possession of a month later.

We Helped Them with their Dream Home

A house is not a widget to sell, but a place where memories will be made, lives will be formed, new friendships among neighbors, and laughter will thrive.

This one will be THAT place for THIS buyer.

It was love at first sight…….

Part of our skill in finding the right home is listening to the buyers. This is more than a house feature checklist interview, but listening to hopes and dreams that spill out while visiting houses.

This fully renovated home in Port St Lucie hit every spot on the buyer’s househunting checklist (spoken and hinted at). They had been randomly shopping online and feeling frustrated with the whole experience.

Once they worked with us, they had their Eureka! moment. Then it became our work to “walk with them” from that first conversation to across the closing line.

Two ways a buyer’s agent helps you

We solved the problem that homebuyers face when trying to go alone: access to the properties you see online.

Working with a buyer’s agent can solve your access problems.

Working with one buyer’s agent can also help you fine-tune your search. A skilled real estate agent will be listening for the little details in your reactions to properties you see together.

When you commit to working with one great real estate agent, you’ll find that they will help you find the right house.

A good buyer’s agent will help you get to your goal faster than going it alone.  Do yourself a favor and find a good agent to help you.

This is who we are: We are Port Saint Lucie real estate agents, with Casas De Walker team of Keller Wiliams Port St Lucie. We help homebuyers find the right property for the right price.