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Building A New Construction Home In Port St Lucie

Let us share how one of our customers chose to buy a new construction home in Port St Lucie when they live over 2 hours away.

They had a real estate agent friend where they lived who called us with a referral. The customer lived in the far south of Florida in Broward County and was looking to relocate to Port Saint Lucie.

Port St Lucie is a city in St Lucie County, which has been growing significantly in new construction options in the last few years.

This customer wanted a new construction home built on a scattered lot, which means the vacant lot is not in a Home Owners Association.

This narrowed the list of builders for the customer to choose from.

The out-of-town agent who referred the customer to us was not a home builder specialist like we are in Port St Lucie for new construction options. Choosing to refer was a wise choice and extremely helpful for their customer.

Choose A New Construction Builder

Once the choice was made to build on a scattered lot, it was time to choose a builder. Port St Lucie has several home builder options on scattered lots. We work with all of them.

This customer brought some house requirements that narrowed the list of builders even further.

Then it was time to meet up in person and take this person to see the different floor plans and pricing options of the various builders that fit.

During this time, we visited the vacant lots the builders owned and picked one.

The customer was in no hurry, and a 4-5 month delivery timeline was perfect for what this customer wanted.

A real estate agent can take you to the various new home builders and help you navigate the choices that you make.

Buy New Construction

After we took the customer to various builders, one was chosen. We sat in the office with the customer who signed all the paperwork and arranged for the end financing.

Over the next few months, our real estate team went by the lot and gave the buyer video reports.

It is fun watching a house rising out of the ground. This documentation journey is one of the reasons to use a real estate agent in buying new construction – they can do progress reports for you when you live hundreds of miles away.

Why use a Realtor For New Construction?

Builders sell their branded products, much like a car dealer will only sell their brand of car. In working with a real estate agent who knows the new construction builders, who get more options to choose from. You’ll also save time in ruling out builders that won’t work for you.

When you choose us to buy new construction, we’ll keep you informed as to the progress of your build. Not every builder will bother sending you photos and videos of your new construction home.

To start your new construction homebuying journey with us, book a consultation call, and let’s talk. Se habla Español