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Choose the Right Home Builders in Port St Lucie

Welcome to the exhilarating journey of building your dream home and researching the excellent home builders in Port St Lucie, Florida.

Let me tell you upfront – starting with a list of home builders in Port St Lucie may not be the most practical step to finding the right new construction home builder for you. Let me share why.

The First Step to Working with Home Builders

The best place to start your journey in new construction is to connect with a real estate agent to partner with.

Here is why:

You have a vision for what you want in a new home.  From our experience, we can tell you starting with a list of builders will not start you with the right list of items in your vision.

Our experience shows that it takes some conversation with a real estate agent to help you narrow your vision down of what you want. This might be specific features, upgrades, screened-in porches, location and views, fences, or price points and financing type.

Let me give you an example:

We met a family at an open house.   They were spending weekends driving to Port St Lucie visiting different new home builders. 

Over a long period of time, they created confusion for themselves.

  • Which home builder had that feature?
  • Why doesn’t that home builder offer that feature?
  • Can I get that house on that lot?
  • Something bothers me about this layout, but not sure what.

Starting with a list of home builders in Port St Lucie created a maze of complexity for this family as they tried to do this alone.

They started with a list of new home builders. They did not start not with what they wanted in their new construction vision.

When we met them, we led them on a different approach to finding the right home builder in Port St Lucie.

What do you want in a New Construction Home?

Our conversation began with a curiosity-led exploration of what features in a new construction home would make their vision of this dream home come to life.

We asked probing questions to help this family explore what was essential, what was optional, and what was not wanted. 

The more they talked in response to our questions, the more clarity they achieved in what was important to them.

For example:

  • How will you finance this purchase?
  • Do you need to sell before buying?
  • Do you want to be inside an HOA community?
  • Do you want to customize a floor plan?
  • How much detail do you want to get into over choosing paint, door handles, driveway pavers, or accessories?

The more they talked, the better we filtered out home builders in Port St Lucie that would not be a good match for the vision they aimed to achieve.

Visiting Home Builders In Port St Lucie Together

After that initial conversation, we narrowed the list of home builders down to four or five that most closely matched the criteria of their desired outcome.

They chose us as their new construction real estate agent BECAUSE we helped them narrow the list of builders to a smaller subset.

We joined them for their next step – visiting each homebuilder in Port St Lucie that would be a good match.

We toured the model homes together and registered them with the builder.  They gathered the pamphlets, floorplans, and incentive sheets. 

During and after each of these model home tours, our customers talked with us as their real estate agent. We continued to help them process all the information they had gathered.

This consultive approace was not so overwhelming as their initial attempts to go it alone. They found tremendous benefit in having conversation with us as their real estate agent.

Visiting home builders, together with your real estate agent, is an important part of your new construction home-buying journey.

Home builders only represent their particular models and floor plans.  It’s their job to sell their product. They cannot help you figure out and make comparisons between the different home builders. 

Our customers found that conversations with us about the different builders guided them to their eventual choice.

Fine Tuning to Choose the Right Home Builder

Each visit allowed our customers to fine-tune their choices and narrow those choices down.  

But that is not the end of the story.

Eventually, our customer was leaning their choice to one particular builder.  Yet there was some hesitation. Something about the floor plan was not quite right.  They couldn’t put “a finger on it.” 

Conversations with us as their real estate agent allowed us to ask questions to help draw out the reason. 

About the same time as that conversation, we found an almost finished new construction home in a HOA community, built by one of the builders on the shortlist.  That spec home seemed to fit all the right desired criteria, EXCEPT ONE. 

Our customer saw that house. It fits nearly everything they wanted. They discovered that being physically in the space helped them identify what was unsettling about their current choice. This house was the one that most aligned with their vision, that that one thing could get adjusted.

In further conversation with us, we spoke with the builder to make that one adjustment.

The paperwork was signed, the house was built, and it closed.

Choosing the Right Builder for the Right Price for the Right Lot

Finding the right home builder in Port St Lucie is much more than starting with a list of home builders in Port St Lucie.

While a list is good, it took our experience and knowledge of the home builders in Port St Lucie to help guide this family to their dream home.

When you work with us to find that new construction home, you’ll find a helpful guide through the myraid of decisions you will face.

Call or Text “New Construction” to 772-291-1592 and we’ll get you a new construction guide.