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How to Sell Your Inherited Vacant Land

A seller who no longer lives in Port St. Lucie contacted me the other day about her inherited vacant land.  

Here is her situation:

She owns a piece of vacant land in Port St. Lucie Florida that she has never seen.

She lives several hours away.

She has fallen behind on her property taxes.

She has a pressing need to turn that lot into cash in order to pay off the back taxes.

When she called me, here is what she experienced.

1. Initial Phone Consultation

The seller called me directly and we spoke on the phone.  She told me,

“I just want to be done with this.”

2.  We struck a fair price over the phone

I buy vacant building lots on a regular basis and without seeing this lot in person or meeting the seller, we agreed to a price over the telephone.

That price was fair to the seller and to me as a direct buyer.

She did not want me to list the property and wait for a full-price offer via traditional real estate services.

She knew the price was less than what the open market would get her, but speed and convenience were more pressing needs.

3.  I mailed her a purchase agreement to sell me her inherited vacant land.

Since the seller doesn’t live in the area, she could not meet me in person.

That’s perfectly fine.

I mailed her a purchase agreement to sign.  She chose US mail versus email, though we do have a way to handle electronic signatures.

4.  The title company started the title work on the vacant building lot.

As of right now, the lot is at the title company to make sure all the paperwork is in order.

In a few days from now, the seller will have a check in their hand for the vacant Port St Lucie lot that they inherited.

With our rapid lot buying process, you can sell your inherited vacant lot in 7-10 days as well.