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10 Common Reasons to Sell Your Home – Is One of These Yours?

I have a friend that wants to sell her home. In her case, there is an underlying reason – she wants a larger home with more room so that her grandkids can make memories of grandma’s house.

1. Job Transfer

Congratulations, you’ve accepted a promotion, but it requires you and your family to move. Or maybe you have been looking for a new job in your current field and that requires relocating your family. Either way, it’s a job transfer that requires you to get your current house sold and prepared to move.

2. Marriage

Many couples who take the step of marriage will also plan on buying their first house together. For some couples, that will mean selling the individual houses they each own, in order to buy a house they live in together. Or maybe one partner will sell their house and live in the house of the other partner to start their marriage. This happens a lot when people get remarried after divorce, where two single people who have their own houses get married, sell their existing homes, and buy a home they call their own.

3. Lis Pendens and Looming Foreclosure

A financial change like a job loss or tenants not paying their rent can be a reason why you fall behind on your mortgage payments. When a Lis Pendens is filed, the bank is taking action to foreclose on your house. While this is not a happy reason to sell your home, it is one of the frequent reasons people sell.

4. Inheritance

When you live out of state, and your family member has willed you their house, this inheritance may not be what you want. You suddenly find yourself responsible for trying to sell a house you have no interest in owning.

5. You want to upgrade

Maybe you want a larger kitchen. Maybe you want a nicer deck. Maybe you want a house that comes with a pool, terraced landscaping or tucked away in a nice HOA neighborhood. If you are ready to trade up or move up to a house with better features, you’ll want to list and sell your current house.

6. Outgrown the current house – you’ve added family members

Perhaps you are hoping to grow your family in the near future and you currently don’t have enough space. Maybe you want a larger fenced-in backyard for your dog or space for a garden. If you think you have outgrown your starter home, you are probably due to sell your current house and buy a larger one.

7. Downsize your current house – it’s gotten too big

It could be that you have come to the end of your working years and won’t have a regular paycheck to cover a mortgage of your current house. Selling your house and buying a smaller one with your cashed-out equity can help you get into a manageable home that your new income level can support.

8. Can’t take care of it

This can be similar to downsizing. As homeowners age, it can get difficult to maintain the house, the pool, the yard, the roof, and all of the systems to keep your house in good working order. By making the choice to sell and downsize to something smaller, you can focus on other meaningful things in life rather than worrying about upkeep.

9. Divorce

Just as marriage is a reason for two people to sell their houses (if they own one) and buy one together, a divorce is a common reason to sell a house. Selling a house where both spouses were on title can allow them to each move on with their portion of the proceeds.

10. You want to

You can sell your house simply because you want to. Maybe it makes economic sense for you to do so.

Cash out now by selling your house, and buying a fixer-upper you can live in and repair.

What is your reason for wanting to sell your house in Port St Lucie? Start a conversation with me and let’s talk.